This blog is to entertain and inform, just as countless others. The particular subject matter that will be discussed however, is something that I think very few are blogging about.

The blog will be divided about equally with alternating posts about my sailing adventures on engine-less adventures – and sometimes misadventures – and technical posts about boat design. I don’t rule out the occasional post about some unrelated topic, though.

In the adventure side I will write about my being born and raised on a sail boat, and recount my subsequent voyages and mishaps, including even piracy, as well as my single-handed Atlantic crossing, and more recently, our voyage from the Caribbean to Brazil. This last trip was made all the more interesting because my wife was heavily pregnant and we had to try and make it to Brazil before the birth.

The main emphasis in the technical posts will be on sailing boats, but there will be plenty of writing on human driven and power driven boats as well. I will attempt to explore issues that are relatively unexplored as well as explain in detail some of the more commonly misunderstood aspects of boat design. The result of some of these technical analyses may well surprise many.

It is my contention too, that if purchasers of boats were better informed they would be better able to make wise choices in the type of boat that truly meets their needs. But I am getting far ahead of myself. We will get to those posts in due course.

I will attempt to keep it understandable to most people, but inevitably there will be some mathematics involved. In the interest of not alienating too many readers, the text surrounding the formulas should do a good enough job of explaining the processes, so that by skimming over the equations and just reading the text, a pretty good understanding should be had of the arguments presented.

It is my intent to be able to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the years on boat design in a way that can be helpful to sailors or people looking for information that can help in making good boat choices for becoming a sailor and/or boat owner.